Autobiography Of a Coconut Tree

In a great garden I was born

Cared and petted every morn

Then purchased on one sudden dawn

And taken to a small farm

There I was all the more petted and pampered

By a particular form

I grew to the admiration of all

But there was a sudden fall

Seriously ill, treated with pill

Not cured still

Death approached and my life was about to depart

There came a cheering heart

Who stopped death from my roots

And gave a tap to start on shoots

So as to give fruits.

I was reborn

On that fine morn

Regained a new life

To serve the heart that saved my life!

Copyright ©2001 Sreelatha Shankar. All rights reserved.


Big Z said...

i laike it =) <3
keep writing!

Anonymous said...

bigy said.....
it carried a great message .really superb .
keep writing more more sweat poems

Anonymous said...

superb and sweat !!!!!!!

ISHAN said...

thank u this help in my homework it is a fantastic poem by a great person

shireen said...

same here...

Shenuka said...

SHENUKA said.....
Thank u very much this poem help me to finish my project work.

Anonymous said...

its sooo good!! keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

its sooo good!! keep writing!!! (Y)

Anonymous said...

keep writing!!!