Past Reality Present Dreams

The world was filled with joy

Richness of mankind rejuvenated their lives

Passion and compassion flowed smoothly

Love and affection were shared with everyone

It was a golden period of Mankind

These treasures of eternal feelings are stored

Evergreen in our minds

Man and Woman

Truly loved and wed

Well understood each other and led

A life of peace, prosperity, love and happiness

Now this time has set

Like the glorious sun-set

Its reflections on the undisturbed water

Forms today’s dreams for a …

Compassionate companion, confident friend, and a true

Lover/beloved, real husband/wife, affectionate

Father/mother, lovable sister/brother

Are all rare, nowhere to be found

Past reality, present dreams

We aspire and aspire

For such persons on earth

Reality’s reflection exist somewhere

And illusions are present everywhere!

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