Love and Laughter

Variety is the spice of life

Born in this world

To live with love and laughter

Oh how this love shifts

In its own ways

Pet and pampered with mother’s love

Fed and feathered with father’s love

Set together with sister’s or brother’s love

Experiences and joy with friends’ love

Great stories and jokes with grandma’s love

Generosity means grandpa’s love!

Love transforms in different ways

Many things to us it says

Smile, smile, and smile,

When difficulties arise,

And make it run in a marathon race.

Cheer the hearts of young and old

Make each experience precious like gold

Task not brains due to tribulations

But crack verses of wit that brings

Humor and laughter in celebrations

Everything grows with laughter

All kinds of illness are healed with laughter

Healthy, hearty, happy,

Art thou with love and laughter!!!

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