O what wonderful fruits
I do not know which to choose
From all these lovely fruits!
When I give it a thoughtful second
Can’t imagine its origin
O what marvelous creation
Good great variety of fruits
Tastes’ so different
Their shapes differ too!
O what colorful variety of fruits
Each one known for its own…
Individual specialty!
Superb! Really sweet, simply sweet, so sweet
Tasty, delicious, juicy and healthy too!
Rows of Oranges
Bunches of Grapes
Barrels of Apples
Baskets of Peaches
Boxes full of Mangoes
Best ripe Bananas
Trays full of Pears
Neatly arranged Nectarines
Cute little containers of Cherries
Sweet Strawberries
And Blueberries
Plumpy Plums
Pulpy rich Papayas
Huge Jackfruits
Buttery Custard Apples
Honey stuffed Cricket balls
Bulging Pomegranates
Wild Watermelons
Catchy Cantaloupes
Heavenly Honeydews….
And many more to go with your menus Everyday!

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