The Parked Van

Watching it rain, seated inside the van was a novel experience. The water pouring down on the windshield gives the vision of being drenched down to the earth. But your safe and dry seated inside. Still amazing views you can see and justify the filmmaker’s fantastic scenes. For, a solid building can be shaky when you view through the windshield of your car.

Watching outside while you are seated inside the parked van is a beauty in disguise of your boredom. When suddenly the glass door in front of a parking lot is opened, you see the dance and collision of the different parked cars and vans. A true silent movie, a feast to the eyes takes you to the world of surprise. One single car can do magic by multiplying itself into two or three, when doors open and close in front of you. Wow, the reflection’s in a glass door is a wonderful gift of amusement!

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