O what nice jewelry I have
Whether I’m happy or not
Beautiful or ugly
It lets me sparkle with richness!

O what a waste of money says my mom
Save them all, for the precious gold
And don’t go for the costly metal
It’s worth nothing whereas gold’s handy n saves something!

O what a wealthy get together
Well, all high and mighty
Drunk with pride
Still the star of admiration is MY jewelry!

O what a jealousy feeling
For they talk and walk by me
To be more proud of my friendship
Praising my gorgeous, exquisite, uniquely-designed necklace
Express their envy to own it!

O what a captivating moment
Fraction of a second the flash of light
Embraces the gleamy, glittery, glamorous gems
Illumines the whole place -like the starry-sky.
Oouuuuh….look at that…!
What is it..?…from where does it come…?!
Did somebody cast a light filled mesh on us---?
Are we captured…!
No, no, it’s from the mesmerical necklace!

O what an interesting subject
Talk of the town
Invites an auction party
Millions to go, millions to buy, millions to be rich
But, the best of jewelry is mine!

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