Gem of a person

Oh, What a wonderful person
Like the beautiful season
You blossom in my life!
Just talking to you
Makes me something new
There is some magic in you
You are a great gift
My spirits you lift!
You are so very special
Not only to me
And the world, should beThankful to thee
For being
So loving
Truly caring
Ever sharing
Especially encouraging
Always appreciating
People around you!
You are...
Amazingly simple
Intelligent and humble
Illustrious and industrious
Talented and vivacious!
Exceptionally charming person
Yes indeed a charmer too
For you have immense power
Through the motivation you shower
The lofty notions
That brings novel creations!
I could quote only a few
One should be blessed to be with you
It's no simple praise
But the true trace
That you are full of grace!
In God's mind
You were pictured to be of a special kind
No one can find
Like you, a person so kind!
Your parents should be proud
For there is no doubt
Of your noble birth
Now I bet
For you have given birth
To such a lovely little girl
For sure she will be
As sweet as you
And a million, billion, trillion times
More like you!
Extraordinarily a person so rare
Who makes other's life fair
I hope you would have some time to spare
For each and every word that you say I do care!
I value your friendship
Wish to have a relationship
For ever and ever.
You are such a...
Gem of a person!!!


Arun said...

I loved this!

Dean Short said...

what a powerful poem!
it sums up exactly the concept of "Gem of a Person"
powerful and direct to the place of what the poem means

Dean Short said...

Powerful and great TRUTH! about the meaning of what a Gem of a Person means!
It's completely identical to (and more) to the reality of how this phrase says what it means!
What a poem.....
Thanks for what the words do for my mind

SAM said...

simple yet amazing! sometimes i wonder how and when i'll start writing in such a powerful and clear way using close-to-heart expressions. the poem has a soothing influence...just too good!

Furquan Afridi said...

great piece of writing...really appealing to feeling!

Saeed said...

'Gem of a Person '. A beautifully knitted poem .It is so touching word by word !