O what a beautiful sight
To see it snowing day and night
Lit by the snow, the night is so bright
Without the stars and moonlight!

The world is like a moon
Don’t miss, come and see this soon
Otherwise it will melt
For words can’t picture exactly what I felt!

Happy is the little hearts
To sing, dance and play
On a snow-fall day
No school
Fun at snow-pool!

Beauty and danger
Go hand in hand
Like two sides of a coin
Cars, trucks, vans, that join
Create a commotion
Stops the flesh’s motion!

Wherever you see everything is white
White, white and only white
Nature shows it’s mighty-might
No man can win this fight!

Peace, peace, peace to the soul
That shed its robe
Its God’s fault
For their lives have come to a halt
O what a mistake
In His marvelous creation
Of which fears the nation!

Life-less trees
Come alive, with snow
And the leaf-less branches
Yet to grow!

As far as your sight can measure
All is the snow treasure
Enriches your life with peace and purity
Also, nature’s prosperity!

So far not a single sound heard
Eagerly awaits the world
The cheering-chirp of a cuckoo-bird
Then will you see a wonderful world
So colorful, beautiful,
Of all this time you could not have heard!

O what great blossom it can bring
During the spring
Can’t wait to experience the joy
Of which my heart could sing!!!

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