Bits and Pieces

Diamond drops
Trickling down his cheeks
Whiny music flows
Filling the soundless air around
When needful things given
Gone are the tears and sound!


Precious stones, gold, silver, jewelry, and money
Are these treasures…? No!
Love, kindness, compassion are the true treasures!
Also, worn out toys, long loved books, small shiny
specks of glass or metal, colored wood chips too are
treasures to the little tiny hands.

Life without problems is easy
Life with problems is spicy!

Every single experience is a page in the book of life
There are volumes and volumes to write about a wife!

Any amount of crying wont help you
But you have to
Find the ways and means of what to do
And that will only help you,
To stop crying
And solve the problem!

The power of self- realization is far more powerful, than the use of any charms or magical powers!

Change for the best
The world will change itself next!

The quiet, calm, happy, and peaceful state of mind is bliss. When one truly experiences this, that person strives not for any other thing in life.

It’s the same everyday
Fatigued minds feel that way!

Destructive ways like smoking and drinking are not the right way to solve any problem.
Constructive methods like painting, writing, playing instruments, singing, or even listening to music, creates a better approach to a problem which helps anyone to solve the problems!

Fear not death
For, it’s not an end to anything
But, only a beginning to something!

When you are angry, or when you worry
Just write it on a paper and you will feel relieved
Give it a couple of days, the pain seem to vanish
Then tare it and trash it. Try it, you’ll see
How smoothly you can handle things!

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