Fortunes and my comments

1. You are deeply attached to your family and home.
Sure, no doubt and no wonder that’s why I have a family too!

2. Honesty always pays, but it sometimes pays just a little bit.
That’s fine, as long as you gain something and not lose anything!

3. Watch your temper. Short temper is a loss of face.
Uh…oh…sorry you tend to lose many precious moments in your life!

4. Ignorance never settles a question.
May be it raises one!

5. Time is money, especially a good time.
There is nothing called good/ bad time, it’s the way you take it or make use of it!

6. Your mate has a pleasant surprise for you.
I strongly wish one now and then!

7. You are always welcome in any gathering.
I feel honored!

8. You will make great gains in any project.
Yes, because your wife is behind it! B. (As you sow so you reap!)

9. If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted.
I don’t care, my desires are my desires, and my hope in them succeeds!

10. Silence will be your best reply.
Somebody has to give up by being silent!

My Fortunes

1. Be good, do good, and surprisingly good will come to you.
2. Words of kindness and friendliness will lead to progress.
3. Listen to your inner self; it’s always right in telling you something.
4. Don’t take anything for granted, it has much more than you think
5. A person is blessed with great abilities only when the person is worthy of it.
6. Learn to live not to exist, and make life interesting and worth living.
7. Be always positive and ambitious, for it helps you to achieve something if not your goal.
8. Make the maximum utility of all that you get.
9. One cannot change a person, until the person willingly changes.
10. Learn to accept your mistakes, for they mold you into a better person.

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