I Tree Eternal


At first I was oval in shape, then I took the form of a raindrop. I didn't know what was happening to me. I waited in the moist dark land.


O…What a wonderful surprise, it was worth waiting, I was bathed with the beautiful beam of light and dressed with its golden hue and I saw a very big world in front of me. I had big and little friends who used to smile and wave at me now and then. It used to be very pleasant to be in such a nice atmosphere.


Everything was fine and I had grown into a small sapling. Every evening a care-taker came and tended us and we were all happy together.


The next morning a new two-legged being visited us and I was chosen for his garden. I was transported to a nouveau jardin where everyone was surprised to see me and it was my new home. That evening I saw a little girl walking towards me, she seemed to be very friendly and nice. She was the one who took care of tous les arbres le nouveau jardin.


Days, months and years passed by, all of us grew together. Various flowering plants and trees such as button- roses, victoria-rose and other roses, jasmines, coral-stalk-jasmine, creeper-jasmine, tree-jasmine, hibiscus, white-scented-lilies, cute little green-bells, balsam, all blossomed, and the whole garden was filled with its hue and its own mild fragrance gently filled the fertile land. The fruit bearing plants and trees such as jack fruit, guava, cricket ball, custard apple, mangoes, jamblams, grapes, orange, bananas, pomegranates, cashews, almonds all looked full, round and ripe, delicious and juicy.


This place was like a heaven on earth, especially to all the birds, butterflies, squirrels, lady –birds, etc.,. They always had a never ending feast to their full and were very healthy and happy singing to the glory of God and especially their master cum friend the no more little girl but belle dame.


Majestically, I stood there with mildly baked body and emerald crown with topaz bouquets and jaded bunch of base -balls which held transparent juicy liquid and milky kernel within, my nuts were relished especially on a hot summer day, I helped the humans to cool down and rest and relax under my shade. My dear friend would read or write enjoying my cool atmosphere many times. I was happy with the others and
sort of proud too, for ma belle dame liked me the most for she often danced and sang around me whenever she was very happy, jolly, and in her high spirits.


Soudain, down to earth was my condition, I was ill and treated with pill but it was of no use, I deteriorated day by day, hence my life was coming to an end. Although everyone and even the agriculturist lost hope in me, and told that I was 99% dead and there was no point in having me and thereby to replace with a new one. Mais, cette belle dame, who had great confidence in her, challenged that within a month she would bring life into me. She devoted much of her time and energy in achieving her project. She loved me all the more and took extra care by thoroughly washing me off the decayed matter, removing the unwanted stuff, allowing free flow of light and air, by bathing and feeding me well to such an extent that I recovered from my deathbed, and regained strength and life. I was back with usual majesticity and pride—o no, now humble and wise, thankful and grateful to the heart that saved my life, where I am eternally united to that lifesaver. I do not exist anymore.


I live in eternity!

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