The Green Wave

On one pleasant sunny day, we were on our way to Norfolk on a business trip. We had to stop for lunch and while we waited for food from Taco, listening to the lovely Beatles song: “we all live in a yellow submarine…” there came this invisible green wave.

Our car was parked in front of a gorgeous green tall wall of wonderful trees. The hue of the leaves was of a slender tender green, very fresh, closely knit, born from the lap of Mother Nature, was shaking, shivering, shuddering in the nice breeze.The beautiful breeze lulled the newly born leaves and there was the green wave, so wonderful to watch.

It appeared to me like the flashing of lightening the visible, invisible green wave. Like the blue and white waves of the sea, here I could see the green wave appear and disappear in a fraction of a second. Repeating the rhythm of nature’s dance is a like a lucky chance to win something. The great experience, here, is the wonderful treasure to me!

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