Spontaneous Pieces

To the Mother
I can feel peace flowing in me
I can realize happiness blooming in me
I can sense calmness caressing me!

Raindrops on my window
Tells me something you know
Dewdrops on the blades of grass
Tells, my dreams will not pass!

Life is full of tension
But I don’t want to mention
Look at the yellow tree
Makes you worry free!

My Baby
You sit here and swing
My dear little darling
Mommy will work and sing
For you my cute-ling!

Life is like a bubble
Bright, beautiful and colorful
And unexpectedly breakable!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Latha.

Its been a while since I visited your site. Read through a few of your beautiful thoughts...loved it! Especially this one...haven't had time to read through the others...will do that the next time am online. Take care and keep in touch...keep writing... :)

Your sister V.