Boughs and branches lit in sunlight
Beautiful blue sky
A morning so perfect
As in pictures, paintings and real life
Busy are the people like the bees
Can’t take a break
To enjoy and appreciate, but
Flying in their four wheelers
On road to their destinations
Children to school
Men and women to work
Babies and toddlers to day cares and pre-school
Running short of time
Oh I’ll be late, late, late,
Rushing through the traffic
Over the speed limits, with tension and fear of being late
But raising the blood pressure.


Surprisingly, at the stoplight
I realized something different
Wait a minute whispers my heart
Why am I rushing? What for?
Why should I drop my kids in the day-care?
Why should I work so hard and earn money for!
All these questions cross my mind.
Is when I think of CREATION!


God’s creation is wonderful
He created the world
And then man.
Abundantly provided
Everything for him in Nature
Land to live, the whole wide world
Fruits and vegetables, food to eat
Shade and shelter under the trees
Medicine in herbs
To protect and cure, himself from
Whatever that comes.
Wow! What a wonderful creation!
Heaven they say
Is a place where
One finds everything
For himself and others in plenty
No doubt, this is Paradise!
I don’t know
Why man cannot comprehend
This simple truth
Instead he frantically spins
To and fro
In his worldly,
Day-to-day activities.
Bringing in him all kinds of
Tensions, worries and disease
Which pills, tablets, tonics and syrups
Can’t cure.
After all the hassles
He goes back to the
Healing herbs in Nature and
In search of his real, true Possessions
Peace, happiness, health and wisdom!
Nature the Creation of God
Has it all
So share and care,
Cherish and foster the rest for the future!


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