Beautiful Birds

Wow what a lovely creation
Very Wonderful indeed
I cant imagine
Neither the vibrant colors nor the variety,
Until I see for myself!

I relax everyday amidst Nature
I feed the birds on my deck
With few bread crumbs
Left from my son's lunch preparation!

Well I had to wait for some days
Until the birds got used to be fed
Initially the crumbs remained
On the deck for a couple of days.

Later I found that they disappeared.
When I was not around
I was curious to know what was going on...
Since I didn't witness the scene!

One day when I was cooking
I was amazed to see through my kitchen window
The response of these wonderful birds

Bright beautiful scarlet red cardinals
Flew down from the trees to find their food.
Handsome blue jays dived down to hoard
Red headed, white spotted black feathered
woodpecker, pecked on some pieces
(Red bellied Woodpecker)

Petite yellow-beak-black-feather-white body birds
nibbled nicely. (Dark-eyed Junco)
Sweet little house sparrows had a scrumptious meal
Black velvet beauty, brown headed, metallic green sheen got some bites.....!
(Brown-headed Cowbird)

Small sombre gray tufted titmouse bravely pecked
The long-tailed, black and white wing, sleek beak, long legged, mockingbird guarded its territory and chased the others who came to eat!

The rusty green female cardinals, ruby red males,
Blue jays, sparrows all awaited for their turn
Hither was a tree decorated with real colorful birds
It was worth watching these awesome birds
I keep feeding them everyday.

One fine winter day,
When my kids and husband were home
I gifted them with this great experience
I could see the boundless joy and excitement
Shinning on their face, and this was,
Absolutely a feast to their eyes!

If at all I forget to feed
The birds remind me
By flying down on the deck for a peck
I feel connected to Nature
I get immense joy in feeding these little beauties
I feel contented in this small ritual I do everyday!

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