The place were you live is Heaven
You have everything
What else do you want?

Different kinds of food, :- fresh, fast, ready-made ones
Variety of entertainments, :- music, art, literature, dance,
One that suits your shelter, :- home, apartment, hotel, nature (Earth Mother Nature)
This is Heaven!

Well what about hell?
Why do you need to worry about that?
Just curious to know
Fine, well sometimes, your mind is hell!

When you worry too much
Disturbing the peace, harmony, calmness in you
When there is no love, kindness, and care to share
When there is no one to support your feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas
When there is no abundance in all the three necessities of human life
Then Hell is here!

So, its wise to think about the virtues of life
Practice them, see them in your life!
You need not worry about anything
You will just feel the serenity flowing in you
You will feel more energized physically, mentally most of all spiritually!!!!
And that tells This is Heaven and you are here!

Sreelatha Shankar
(10.45 to 11.00 a.m.)

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Prabhu said...

Hi, this is prabhu, This is really excellent. Even my friends loved the poem. Great Effort! All the best wishes for you to continue this great passion!!!