Flower Presentation

Bunches of Bougainvillea
Brings us joy and the feeling of togetherness
Lovely lily flower
Lives up to its dreams
Dashing daisies drenching in rain
Drives us to hope and happiness
Orange cosmosis cautions us of danger and
The golden one awaits good time
Creamy pink rose seizes the moment
While the yellow Ibis blossoms with love
Evening Orange Jet stripe tulips says
Everything in life has its moments
The angelic chrysanthemum
Dissolves its pain by merging with novelties
Purple tipped white and yellow lily
Smiles while blossoming
Blue Flowers
Work their charm to whoever pass by
Sunflower is the sample
For others to see the bright side of life
Pink Iris is created
With great care to smile upon you
Sweet slender pink petal lotus
Pleases your heart to appreciate things in life
Blooming in thunder the White Thunder lily
Is unique and serene
The bouquet of daisies and cute pink flowers say thanks
For enjoying the quiet moments of life!!!

17th January 2008

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