I went to my garden to take some pictures
Beautiful snaps of the gorgeous flowers
My Favorite roses and gerbera daisies
It was then I discovered
That my beautiful lotus -colored rose had vanished.
O my heart wept silently
Was angry with whoever stole it
Be it a human or an animal.
My little boy said maybe
A teenager stole it to give it to his girl friend.
My older son said maybe
A teenager took it to just squish it.
And well the next day to my surprise
I see my peace colored gerbera daisy
Snapped from its plant and was lying on the ground
I was glad to see the flower in its full form
So i picked it up to put it in a vase to admire it
Was a little happy to at least see this flower
My happiness didn't last long
The third day i was alarmed to see
The tender shoots of the rose plant were all eaten
And my dark maroon colored dense petaled rose
Was eaten as well by some mysterious creature
Oh no, I toiled so hard to have a beautiful garden
Is this what i get in return for my efforts
Mother Nature please help me.
Since i was bad to the squirrels,
Who hoarded the birdseeds
You can't punish me like this
Maybe the deer, or the rabbits, or the moles
Are eating everything.
I sleep late at night to see if i can find the intruder
And wake up early to catch the intruder
Disappointed but got it confirmed
By the poop, it was a deer's poop,
Then it was the rabbit and then the moles
I hope next spring I'll get to see
At least some of my floral garden back in blossom!

July 01, 2007

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