Just started preparing the nutritious multi-grain porridge
And my childhood thoughts flashed in my mind
My face bloomed with a smile.
Thinking of the good old childhood days spent in my Grandma's house!

The next door neighbors in my grandma's village
Always used to prepare this great porridge
Honoring the Goddess of Strength
Asking her blessings for good health during the hot summer days!

Staying healthy devoid of disease,
Especially the chicken pox and its cousins
After the long rituals,
Hundreds of people line-up ,
With all shapes and sizes of vessels
To get this blessed porridge
At the temple premises!

Oh how i used to love this great nutritious meal
Clubbed together with the mango pickles
And Crunchy crispy pink onions.
Wow this meal to our body and soul is beyond description
Nothing can beat it, even the Royal dinner!

Well gone are those beautiful days,
I wonder whether there will come a day
For my children to experience, what I experienced!

April 2007

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