Once upon a cloudy day i was born
Landed on a lovely leaf at that morn
Later when the sun shone brightly
Its beautiful rays beautified me
With the colorful rainbow hues
I smiled and twinkled with joy

At that glorious moment
In life came a thirsty little butterfly
It sipped me a little, chipping off
The yellowish hue thinking it was nectar
Then fluttered away to a nearby flower

Phew! i was safe and sound
With a pretty good hold
On this slender tender green leaf
Decorating this blade of grass
Like the precious diamond ring
On a woman's finger,
Twinkling and sparkling all the time.

Well the sun was burning up the gas
And drying the moisture around
I didn't want to be wasteful
Watching my friends dry
But decided to slip by
The parched soil

Well here i got absorbed by a little apple seed
Which was longing for some water to bring it to life
And i was transformed into some sort of energy
To make it grow into a little apple sapling!
And so my life never ends
Because its recycled through
This little apple sapling
And i get out of there into the air
To be robed as clouds
And back to the earth
As a crystal clear raindrop again!

4th May 2007
10.10 am.

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A J said...

Loved it. Beautiful poem, Latha!