Friendships - Do we have time for them today?

Life is an ocean and we sail in it comfortably with friendship! Friendship is something that is inevitable in our life! However the world may change, friendship will exist. Hence, friends are there for each other at all times.

Friendship is a fine and interesting chapter in everyone's life. As per their age group, even in this modern era, children and adults find time for friendship and spend time together. Our busy lives are consumed by the different activities that our spouses and children participate. Still we look forward to meet our friends to have some fun, share our thoughts and ideas with them.

The only difference is in those days, children played outside with their friends and spent time well in person. And the adults met occasionally. Nowadays, though they are not able to spend so much time in person, they have the advantage of using technology. This generation is more tech savvy that they interact through emails, internet chat, telephones and text messaging to keep in touch. Since the physical presence is also essential, friends take time to meet and go out to movies, beach, sight-seeing, lunch or parties.

Older generation remembers many interesting incidents! But not everyone is able to recollect all the fun. As time goes by, they are so involved in their lives that they forget the nice moments. Whereas today we have camcorders and cell phones to capture those moments and keep them forever as a memento. Whenever we think about our friends, we play the DVDs and recollect the precious moments.

We always find time for friends. When a person is down with a dreaded disease like cancer, his friends rally to his side. They offer support and encouragement by writing or talking to him. They pray for him, raise money for the medical expenses and conduct drives to raise money or to find a organ or marrow donor. We see friends really devoting their time, energy and money to help save their friend's life! Some people travel from distant places to visit and serve them too! Friends from different parts of the world unite to help out their friend. So, its not only we take time to have fun but also to help.

To highlight the value of friendship, here is another example. A couple's only son was in the army for five years. Not only his parents, but many other families who knew him, prayed everyday for his safe return. And by God's grace, he returned home safely.

More than ever, we definitely need and have time for friends now.

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