Work/Life Balance - Are women born jugglers?

Wow, a wonderful topic to discuss!

We have heard many times people saying : He is born to be a doctor or born to be a teacher! It refers to their in born skills, meaning, apart from being trained as a doctor or teacher, they are very capable by nature in their respective profession. Whereas when we ponder about our topic it is something we need to acquire, strive for balancing our Life with Work efficiently!

There are two important things that help a woman to be well balanced in both Life and Work, namely, the physical and psychological strengths. Nurturing the child from her childhood days with nutritious and healthy food, good values, skills and knowledge, helps her to become strong in both the aspects. And also introducing several activities to the child while growing up and providing the right environment to practice what she has learn't shapes her into an efficient individual who would succeeds both in Life and Work. As we know Practice makes people Perfect!

Thus the child grows into a healthy, strong and complete woman fit for present life challenges. And she is able to perform well in all her different roles as a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, tutor, driver, friend, co-worker, cook, planner and organizer apart from the position she holds at her work place.

Hence those who are blessed with enough nourishment in both physical and mental/vital aspect are successful! And the others who miss either one of these have to struggle a lot to meet their needs and goals.

Only opportunities, preparations and practice makes anybody an expert juggler! Secondly, not everyone can do it! As some people are physically and mentally (vitally) strong and some others are either physically or mentally strong, so depending on the individual's strength, the ratio of their balance falls in place and hence they are either good jugglers, moderate jugglers, or not.

An added advantage is the growth of fast food, good restaurant and cafeterias in the office campuses which helps them to manage and handle well with their house chores and family matters especially in needful and dire situations. It saves time and helps them to accomplish more in a day.

In my opinion, nobody is born as a good juggler, but they can become one.

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