Amazing Creation

I wonder and hence ponder
Thinking about the children with autism!

Happy to see God's complete creation with some
And sorry to see like a missing puzzle piece in others.
It's amazing in its unique way
Of how people who miss something
Are blessed with such special skills,
Which helps them accomplish
And makes the world wonder!

A slight variation in a straight line does not make it a straight line
Hence one can see from the little variations in the nerve structures
Of how it affects them
This is a challenge to the curious mind to solve and do the needful!

Interesting though unfortunate
I begin to wonder why did God create them minus something
When I see the kids with autism
My heart melts down!

Blessed in their own way
They are so cute, beautiful, handsome
And talented in many fields unknown to us
O God help us to discover and serve them better!

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