Death-The mentor

Well, after my grandma died
And after reading Emily Dickinson's poems about death in college
As well as, experiencing too many dear hearts depart
My perception of death changed drastically.

Death is a great teacher
For it has taught me the truth
Living is part of dying and dying is part of living
Detachment should be deeper than attachment
Life on earth is like a trip to the Moon
While you are there, learn and experience all you can
To become one with Nature!

So nothing to worry about
For we are here on our soul's journey
Simply enjoy the time together
And shed the relationship forever
Hence be prepared and conquer the fear of death
For death is nothing but the movement
From one stage to another!

Death is our friend, philosopher and guide
For it helps us to complete our soul's journey!

Sreelatha Shankar


6.20 pm

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