Friends and Foes

This world is full of people. But not all are your friends. People form their own circles! According to their tastes,castes,likes,dislikes, and their choices in life. People talk about matching wavelength, and this is what they mean i guess, belonging with similar interests or as the proverb goes “Birds with the same feather flock together”. Like the different types of birds, there are different types of people, and only people who are like minded get along with each other or sometimes pretend to do so too!

But what about some people who do not restrict themselves to these kinds of notions. They are people who treat everybody equal! These people truly face a lot of rough situations in a cool and calm way but there is a saturation point in their life too! Name and fame are not important to them! Quality is what that matters to them than any other thing! Of course these special people have feelings and emotions like every other person. But unfortunately the society takes them for granted and never respects them or even credits them for what they are...! Instead, exploits them and hurts them as much as possible. Which is really a shame to the human world!

All this happens because people fear that some individual's superiority, might get crushed or may not be highlighted! The character of a person is the most important thing! Everyone talks about it but most of them forget to practice due to their selfishness!

There are three types of groups of people namely, the people who boss around with some superior principles,ideas or tastes; secondly the people who worship these people and enjoy belonging to that group; thirdly the people who are just their own who really don't classify to any particular class, creed or kind! (The noble minded people!)

But when we are in a foreign land initially meeting people from the same country is considered important, later, when there is more population from the same country, people start restricting themselves and narrow down to their castes, tastes,etc., and start grouping people to the inner circle , outer circle and so on. This makes others feel like “a fish out of water”. One time friend becomes a foe here! People develop inner conflict, cold war, and then try searching for soul mates! Finally find that the people who come under the third category are true friends! But the ego in the people who were hurt by others starts to dominate thus soiling their reputation! People are not ready to change but expect others to accommodate accordingly!

A noble minded person, gives important to equality and values other people's interest and co-operates with them. They are the people who cherish the integrity of the human world ! These people are like the Sun which gives light, life and energy to everyone! But many people fail to absorb or gain the positive energy that flows around them because they shelter themselves in the shadows of some false truth which they believe to be true!

The so called noble minded people are free from age, caste, creed, kind, and false principles! They are straight forward, simple, sweet people! Simplicity, Equality, and Fraternity are the blood, life and soul of these noble minded people!

Sreelatha Shankar
11pm to 11.57pm
22nd April 2006

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