Parents and Children

Well a wonderful topic to be discussed! When we are children we want to grow fast and become parents. For we think its cool to be a parent, since the parent has everything under his or her control. And hence miss some precious moments of our childhood or forget sometimes even to enjoy childhood! But fortunately or unfortunately when we become parents we realize being a parent is not a piece of cake. For every single thing we have to struggle, from changing the child's diaper, giving bath and making the child eat. Especially, when the child is not even a month old and in spite of our blues we have to struggle for all these regular chores. It makes us feel so bad, when we cant accomplish these normal things in life. Of course we enjoy the relationship with our children. So, what we learn from this is, take one thing at a time. Relax and enjoy what you are and who you are...!

Parents have lots of responsibilities in taking care of the family, precisely providing food, clothing and shelter, the basic needs. We don't stop right there but strive in life to achieve a luxurious life. And we need to save like the ants and squirrels do for the winter. It's a whole lot of work, not so easy. Mostly men take care of the monetary part and the women in raising the children. I am always puzzled at this statement when the kids do a great job the credit mostly goes to the dad while the moms struggle all day to help them reach the goal. Whereas anything bad is blamed on the mom, “well you didn't raise the kid to the expected level”- this indeed is ridiculous. As parents we need to share the family responsibilities and switch places at times to experience many things. It is difficult to raise a child ?! It is not an easy task. Needs lots of sacrifice, effort, time, and money.

Children are full of energy we need to channelize their vitality. Well what to do if they refuse to do according to our advice? Just wait patiently, until they are ready to agree and do things, thats one way , and the other is making them do what we think is right for them. They are children they cant decide, so we have to decide for them. Its so difficult for the parents to make right choices. Some parents have their dilemmas, not only that when the children don't co-operate it is very, very hard. And this creates hell of problems between the parents. But what i worry about the most is the peers, both of children and parents.
In this fast moving world the children need to catch up with lots of things their peers do. Its putting more pressure on them. Some times its difficult to trace the true talent of the child so as to cherish it. Some parents are lucky and are blessed with kids who are interested in any and all kinds of activities, who are willing to try many things, who are very enthusiastic and curious. And there are kids who are not interested in anything at all. In this case the parent is to be pitied and sympathized but are only criticized, and are helpless. What a mental agony this parent has to face! Only parents with similar problems can comprehend well. Most often we think everybody under the blue sky is our friend. Its not true! A friend in need is a friend indeed! Knowingly and unknowingly we discover real friends to whom we don't talk everyday or see everyday. But they care about our family and exchange valuable information about children's issues and parenting problems! What an excellent surprise in a world of disappointment. May God bless these people who truly care abundantly!

Children are our teachers too! They teach us various things, they test our patience and abilities. They manipulate us well than we do! Children are so adorable. Very affectionate, and unexpectedly truly caring. They cheer you up at times of distress. They are indeed very concerned. They are a lot more fun to be with and grow old. From the time of their birth to until what they are now. Millions and millions of memories to be replayed in our minds and hearts. Though we have videos, cameras, all high tech things to capture precious moments. We still lose to capture many as snap shots but our mind and heart has it all. It is always good to maintain a journal about these interesting things that we notice in our day to day lives. So we can enjoy reading them while we have free time or energize ourselves at times of pain. Children are challenging! It all depends on how we take it! Its a struggle, and a battle to a tired mind and physique! Its an interesting competition to the healthy couple.

Like the two sides of coin, life is also full of opposites, we would not know the value of good if bad did not exist, so is with happiness and sorrow, success and failure, etc,. Thats why we have all these challenges, to make life interesting. We should try to learn and comprehend things in a positive way or be optimistic. From all the criticism we hear or get we need to focus on the negative aspects to change it to positive results. Our clear mind and our trial and error method should pave a way for our success.
Sreelatha Shankar


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