Poem for Fun

Using these words I have to write a poem!

I scream, you scream, all scream, for ice-cream
Mom says in the cooler
Dad says i love snow
I'll make a white flower
Where is my pen, my pen,
I ran out of ink!

Blue, black, green, red ink
All different color topping on the ice-cream
I have a special pen
It needs to be in the cooler
Except while drawing a flower
It can be in the snow!

Snow, snow, snow, let it snow
On the snow don't drop the bottle of ink
Oops, never mind,it blotted into beautiful flower
Like the blue-berry ice-cream
O now i remember 'ts in the cooler
I don't mind trading my pen!

O 'ts my lucky pen
Don't lose it in the snow
But put it in the cooler
It has a magic ink
Melts into the paper like ice-cream
Beautiful as a flower!

Like one's favorite flower
Is one's pen
Mixed tastes of ice-cream
Mixed moods in the snow
Ice cubes in the tray freeze the ink
Power cut with the cooler!

O I am helpless with the cooler
Cheer me with the flower
O I have lost the pen
Go get it from the snow
I dropped my ice-cream

Cooler is back with the power, fetch my pen
Flower beds on the snow
Ink colors on the ice-cream!

Sreelatha Shankar
Poetry Project

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