Points to Ponder

Be good, do good, and surprisingly you will be rewarded with good things.

Listen to your inner self it is always right in telling you something. It hints and cautions you, good or bad, conveys a message to you.

Don't take anything for granted, it has much more than you think.

Be happy and bring happiness to everyone in and away from you.

Words of kindness and friendliness leads to progress.

A person is blessed with great potentialities only when she or he is worthy of it.

A mantra gains power by chanting it devotedly, knowledgeably and repeatedly. Hence, any word does become powerful. So be careful and always utter good or positive things.

Maximum utility is the best to utilize anything and everything. (Especially good chances and opportunities for students.)

Learn to live not to exist, but make life interesting and worth living.

Be always positive and ambitious for it helps you to achieve something if not your goal.

Sreelatha Shankar

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