Prayer to the Sun God

O Sun God, let your radiant rays, and brilliant sunshine, bathe us and bless us with strength, courage, confidence and spirit in body, mind, and soul!
10.45 a.m.

Prayer to Lord Varuna (God of Rain and water)

O Lord Varuna, thank you for the wonderful showers that you shower, for it brings energy and life in all living beings and makes us fresh and new with more vigour and vitality everyday! As well as washes away all the germs, diseases and makes our body and mind clean and pure!
Prayer to Lord Agni (God of Fire)

O Lord Agni, purify me, enlighten me, and help me to carry the spark of the Divine and enrich this world!
10.59 a.m.
O Lord Vayu (God of Wind)

O Lord Vayu, protect me and bless me to live and cherish, nourish and flourish the good. Help me to carryout my special duties effectively to strengthen goodness in this world and guide me to attain mukthi!
10.58 a.m.
O Boomidevi(Mother Earth)
O Mother Earth, bear me, bless me, be with me and guide me to tread on the path of righteousness . Help me serve this world!
11.01 a.m.

O Akasha Deva (God of air and space)
O Lord help me to be in balance at all times. Both physically and mentally so as to take care of my life and serve others well. Bless me with the answers to my questions that is floating around in your kingdom!

12.45 a.m.

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