Shopping a therapy of sorts!

Many a time we see new items in the stores, on TV and at a friend's place, we would love to shop. Buying new things makes us happy. We shop for many reasons first and foremost for ourselves and secondly to gift others. Variety is the spice of life. So there are tons and tons of things to shop, from mundane things to most unique ones. But the happiness we get out of shopping, is a therapy to our mind which makes us lighthearted and bouncy.
Window shopping has become very common these days. Some people love to window shop, they love to spend their time in venturing into new stores and novel items. There are mainly two reasons to window shop, one is its a nice pass time or a hobby. Secondly people who are unable to afford it just enjoy by looking at it or plan to save and buy later. Though it is a different kind of shopping still it makes them happy and encourages them to earn or save money to buy them, so that's a therapy too!
Shopping is a therapy to some and an addiction to others. Some people can go bankrupt too if they don't have a control over their wants and expense. But like two sides of a coin, everything in life has a negative and positive side. In this case they might need some therapy to get out of their extravagant shopping habit. But not everyone gets caught into this web, only a few who can't draw a line between spending and over spending.
People who can afford and who are rich and who have good taste for novelties, artistic and exotic items have lots of fun shopping and also enjoy sharing and giving others. Which is a wonderful habit and expresses their generosity. As well as these positive qualities in them are satisfied by shopping which acts as therapy agent in their life. For, they are fond of expressing their love for humanity by giving others. Thus shopping is a therapy of sorts!!!

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சதங்கா (Sathanga) said...

//We shop for many reasons first and foremost for ourselves and secondly to gift others.//

சொல்லவேயில்ல ... :))

hmmmm. valid reasons for shopping :)