Moments In Time

Along with the four seasons,
Many years have passed, unnoticed.
Wonderful moments in Nature
Has been wasted without a glimpse
To the human eyes!

I feel terrible when I think of the time misused
Busy with the mundane things in life
So materialistic am I, hence,
Tend to forget or even experience
The Grandeur of Nature!

Oh how can I compensate
The loss of time and be prepared
To enjoy Nature in spite of my monotonous routine
Still the time lost is lost forever
The beauty that is missed, is missed forever!

I wish I had a magic wand in my hand
Right now at this very moment
To wave and win back the lost time
And live in Nature
To enjoy the inexpressible joy!

1 comment:

GR said...

I haven't read your blogs in a while... This is a good one. I feel the same way sometimes...