Quotations from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo and my interpretations

1. Suffering was lost in her immortal smile.
Immensity was exceeded by a look,

(That's very true with your special person in life.)

2. Whoever is too great
Must lonely live.

(Great souls' embrace loneliness and live with it because their power and strength is gained in silence, quietness and loneliness.)

3. There is a purpose
In each stumble and fall.

(The more sufferings and challenges a person experiences, it helps the person to learn life's lessons. Especially when pondered deeply about the problems, and not giving importance to the superficial pain of the sufferings. It unfolds many facts and truth especially the fact of your birth.)

4. None can reach heaven
Who has not
Passed through hell.

( All the sufferings, pain,worries can be identified as hell, and when we comprehend deeply about them and achieve a peace of mind by solving the problem and negating the pain it brings happiness, which is heaven. Thereby everyone in some way undergoes : struggles (hell) and attain happiness (heaven). )

5. One man's perfection
Still can save the world.

(Wow, how great and powerful that person could be I wish i can be that person because I always love helping and saving humanity.Truly for the purpose and not the fame.)

6. A moment sees,
The ages toil to express.

(Very true, but too painful, and as we know no gain without pain.)

7. All things are real
That here are only dreams.

(The moment we realize that we attain mukthi.)

8. Love is a yearning
Of the One
For the One.

(Yes, I can very well relate to this, I yearned for Goddess Saraswathi's love and realized it.)

9.The soul that can
Live alone with itself
Meets God.

(My inner self is calling me everyday but I keep dodging away.)

10. My God is Love
And sweetly suffers all.

(Love is God and love is me, when you are love suffering also tags along and it's a package deal.)

11. Only the pure in soul
Can walk in light.

(I wish i can become that pure.)

12. For joy
And not for sorrow
Earth was made.

(I realized this for the first time in the fourth decade of my life.)

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Meenakshi Sankaran said...

Your spiritual reflections show genuine interest and insight...keep up your writings on spiritualism to guide unenlightened souls like me.