Compare not thee, with your comrade
For thou art different from thy friend
Let thou not let thyself down
For thou not know about thyself!

People are different
And so are their Challenges
To one life itself is a challenge
And to the other living is a challenge!

Likes and dislikes are different
For each one of us
Consider your success just success
But more number of failures,
Are equal to more number of challenges
Disappointment should not be the result
Challenge yourself, to find out the reason
Of your birth, pursue with dedication
And accomplish the unaccomplished!!

Sreelatha Parasu


Anonymous said...

I loved it, aunty! It's probably the only poem I've read in my life that acually makes sense. Very well written!!!!!

- Aarthi :D

Sreelatha said...

Thanks a million my girl for reading my poem!

neervaimagal.v said...

Dear Latha
I just saw this blog and was reading through it. Your poems are superb.
I really loved this one, the real truth is most of us tend to keep comparing us with others, which leads to unwanted wrath and grudge.
I liked the way you described failures. Very meaningful poem. Keep on writing.

Sreelatha said...

Dear Neervaimagal,

Thank you very much for stopping by to read my poems! I truly appreciate your response. Eager to see more comments.