Soulmate soulmate
Where are you?

In the first place
What are you?

To conclude
Who are you?

It really doesn't matter where ever you are
Because you are my soulmate
And I can communicate with you so easily and effortlessly
Through my sincere thoughts and telepathy messages!

I know that you are a pure, true soul
Just like me, full of innocence and sincerity
Bonded with love and friendship
Embedded with affection and loyalty!

You are either my teacher or parent
Otherwise, my friend or spouse
Rarely, my child or grandchild!

Soulmate can be anyone in your life
With whom you have the comfort
To convey yourself smoothly
Or blend in so well with compatibility!

1 comment:

umachetty said...

Beautiful poem Latha and very thought provoking...really hope we can have our children as soulmates 1 day..that wouldd be such a great gift and reward.

Keep writing..