Wedding Anniversary

When I looked at the
Wedding Anniversary wishes
I just remembered this...
We usually treat it as another day
With just wishes, gifts and special treats
But how many of us sincerely
Think about the beautiful day in our life
Here we go...

It just flashed in me
Traveling back in time
To the day the wedding bells chimed!

Thinking of the wonderful day
Surrounded by family and friends,
Filled with love and laughter
Glowing with innocence and happiness
Celebrating the joy and jubilance
With fun and frolic
Blossoming around!

Walking with
Our Better half
Hand in hand
To embrace
The rest of our life
Together, for each other
To share and care
And beautify our LIFE
With unity and integrity!

To scold and hold
To cry and smile
To fail and succeed
To hate and love
To experiences all the opposites
Together in Life
For we are husband and wife!


Sreelatha Parasu


Meenakshi Sankaran said...

I love the way the rhyme flows through this poem...very natural and unaffected. Great job Latha. Keep writing. I don't always understand poetry but this one was easy to follow even for a layperson like me.

Sreelatha said...

Thanks Meena for stopping by...! You express things wonderfully well even in your emails. I'm sure you can try your hand in poetry.

Meenakshi Sankaran said...

Thanks for that vote of confidence Latha but I am going to leave Poetry in the able hands of people like you :-).