What is important in life?

1. Live this very moment.
2. Present is a present (GIFT). Do things that bring joy to you and don't postpone.
3. Do now what you REALLY want to do.
4. Meditate everyday - Sit quietly and let the thoughts flow in your mind without any reaction.
5. Understand that life is nothing but an evolution of our soul.
6. Everybody has a reason for who they are and how they are... Don't be JUDGEMENTAL.
7. Let others live their life by not being judged.
8. Name fame money and materialistic status all mean nothing ...
9.God values pure love from your heart that flows out to embrace your fellow beings
10.God values innocence, and your capacity to make others laugh and  be happy.

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Meenakshi Sankaran said...

No one could have said it any better Latha. If I could follow atleast a few of your doctrines, I might evolve to understand life for what it really is. Thank you for giving us this 'cheat sheet' to happiness.