Words of Wisdom

1. Jealousy captures the heart that has housed unreasonableness.

2. Speak exactly that comes to your mind when you talk to people without modifying or hiding the plain truth. It's not easy as you think and only great saints can do that and that too in a very refined way.

3. Believe in your dream! Keep dreaming! And it will come true! Don't wait for miracles to happen but be the master of miracles!

4. Believe in you, and be confident in what you do!

5. Money is a means for materialistic things. Love is a means to life and to the evolution of the soul.

6. Discover your true nature and lead your life, do not try to copy others. Everybody is born for their individuality to be expressed and not to become a stereotype of somebody.

7. Life is simple and peaceful when you are silent and less stressful with few people in mind or nobody at all.

8. Solitude is Strength, Solitude is Freedom, Solitude is Bliss, Solitude is peace, Solitude is happiness, Solitude is evolution, Solitude is One with God!

9. Sufferings are challenges in our lives. We become a better person by conquering the trials and tribulations. It makes us humble and wise.

10. Share everything with your fellow beings. Especially knowledge the most valuable commodity!

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