About Giving

By giving one gets immense joy in life! The satisfaction and contentment a person gets is beyond measure. To give one needs a true and generous heart than the material. There are many ways to give. One can give his or her precious time, the most valuable commodity to serve humanity. Or different materials that you don’t need or that you have in surplus, but wisely give it to people in need of it. Last but not the least, money - the most important currency for several organizations which help humanity. Having things in surplus and the willingness to share it with others is a noble gift in some people. Not every one has the heart to give, so we need to commend this exceptional quality and hope it inspires others to do so.

Rarer gems are found in this world. For example, some people who do not have enough for themselves, have a great heart and wants to give to help others who are in dire need. And they do not honestly expect anything in return. This kind of person is nearer to God for his true spirit in helping others. There are some people who are not millionaires but simple people with such sincere thoughts and concerns for others in this world, who give whatever they can and the gift they receive out of this is true happiness and immense satisfaction. May God bless them with good and long life so they will be there to inspire,guide and help others.

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