Born as a Human

“Being born as a human is the noblest form of all”. Why did people say that...? Well as per my belief, humans have the capacity to think and act accordingly. But do we really make use of our brains to the best possible way? I wonder...

God gave us this beautiful world for everyone to fit in and share and care for each other. But we human beings set boundaries, and create foes instead of friends. Above all, it is so painful when humans don’t respect humans. O boy, I truly despite this category of people. People may be rich or poor, belong to upper caste/class or lower caste/class, be intelligent or dumb, beautiful or ugly, white or black, learned or not, knowledgeable or foolish, but still all are human beings! Hence we should respect our own fellow beings, and work together to benefit each other and live in harmony.

Every single person is born with some talent or skill that he/she is superior than the other. Simultaneously, the person who lacks the same skill is no where inferior to the other person. Thereby we need to recognize and acknowledge each person for their individuality. Priorities may differ between individuals that doesn’t mean that they can be authoritative of that particular field in which they excel and insult others who are not familiar or have little knowledge in the same area. Feeling superior, and acting superior breeds contempt and brings disharmony and divisions among fellow beings. Thereby we need to up root all the negative qualities within us.

First and foremost we are gifted to be born in this world as human beings. That proves the point all humans are equal. Secondly, we are all born to fulfil some task. Thirdly, we all lack something within us and hence we are here to learn that and nurture our soul with the next step of progress to attain Godhead or Mukthi. Precisely, we are all in the same boat. So, my principle is try not to criticize others, neither be snobbish, nor mock others. But try to help each other with all the virtues thou art bestowed with and utilize it to conquer ignorance and inequality within oneself.

Think beyond money and materialism, there is more meaning in life when we avoid the former to dominate our life. Have noble thoughts and ideas and act accordingly to influence others to help each other. There are people who are stingy, frugal, and calculative in this world who are like weeds in the garden. But there are saints seers and herbs too! So, take the best example and avoid the beastly nature of selfishness. Lead a simple life for all we need is three meals a day, sheltered place to stay, and clothes to protect us from different weather conditions. When there are less tensions and worries we can lead a healthy and happy life. Thereby simplicity leads to sublimity. We need to mould ourselves into worthy human beings. For the word human comes from humane. Hence we need to be noble minded.

I truly marvel at people who don’t have enough for themselves but truly and willingly give from the bottom of their heart to help others. A millionaire can contribute how much ever he wants but it cannot equate to the charitable nature of a person who contributes a single penny while he cannot afford for a single meal. He has a heart of Gold. That’s what I’m talking about wealth and knowledge should be shared than being hoarded to help one’s own off springs. We are all God’s children so we have to share and care and dare not disobey him. Be noble, think noble and act nobly. Be worthy of being born as a Human Being and please do not demote yourself but promote to the next level and evolve your soul!

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