Journey of the Flowers

Once upon a time
When I was a little girl
On my way to home and school
I used to witness...

The final parade of the demised
Heading towards the burial ground
And felt sorry for the dead, and the flowers
That were strewn on the path to the crematory.

I pitied the short life of those flowers
For their miserable fate
To die along with the dead
And wondered about
The flowers that were blessed
To celebrate the joys of life.

While some were cherished
Why others vanished from people’s memory?
Was my long awaited query.

After many years, with a mature mind
I have realized the sacred truth
Of the flowers that were destined
To die along with the dead

Were actually blessed
More than the celebrated ones
For the journey of those flowers
Along with the demised
Were destined to reach
The Almighty’s Abode!


Meena Sankaran said...

Good one Latha. I enjoyed reading this poem.

Vibha said...

Lovely thought and very nicely put in words. Beautiful :)