Thoughts that teach

Thoughts teach us something everyday and every time. Soul is stronger than body. Heart is the commander in chief and not the mind. Mind is actually trained by the heart. Heart is filled with emotions, senses and feelings. Mind is filled with knowledge and experience. Soul is superior to both mind and heart.

God has created this world for us and he has already provided us with everything. Whatever is in surplus for us we need to share it with those who are deprived of it. That’s what God wants us to learn. There is so much joy in giving.

I used to wonder couple of years ago why God gave good and bad, joy and sorrow, health and illness, rich and poor, positive and negative, intelligent and dumb, etc. all different kinds of opposites. But now I comprehend the reason just to enlighten us with certain facts and truths about life. And to learn and lead our soul to progress further. The lesson learnt here is inexplicable. Each one of us can understand only when we are ready for it. Thereby I fail to actually explain the truth.

Simple life is the secret for happiness. To keep ourselves free from tensions and worries. To take life as one step at a time. To prioritize the progress of our soul rather than concentrating on materialistic advancements.

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