1st Jan 2011 : BE YOURSELF and LIVE YOUR LIFE! For it makes you very happy and accomplished!
2nd Jan 2011 : Do whatever you are passionate about ... and at any cost don't follow others passion!
3rd Jan 2011 : No excuses whatsoever sometimes you have to do what you have to do!
4th Jan 2011 : Anything and everything should be done in moderation!

5th Jan 2011: I love, to love, love! For love teaches you many things in life! Gratitude, friendship, courage, strength, understanding, telepathy, intuition, inspiration, enthusiasm, happiness, care, unselfishness,sacrifice, can make a big and never ending list!

6th Jan 2011 : Learning knows no destination. Learning is a never ending process. From the moment one is born and until one leaves this world, is always learning and maybe even after, for the Soul continues the journey.
7th Jan 2011 : Jealousy captures the heart that has housed unreasonableness.
8th Jan 2011 : Sufferings are challenges in our lives. We become a better person by conquering the trials and tribulations. It makes us humble and wise!
9th Jan 2011 : A teacher is a most influential person in a student's life!
10th Jan : Try to maintain your inner peace at all times!
11th Jan : Welcome change and change will welcome you!
12th Jan : Our destiny is nothing but the outcome of our own thoughts, words and deeds!
13th Jan : Mind is only a machine, and your thought is the switch which can make it work the way you want!

14th Jan : Nature is the tonic to real health and happiness!

15th Jan : Be happy and bring happiness to everyone in and away from you.
16th Jan : Realization is a magic wand. It can make you into whatever you want! So think good, be good and do good, then goodness will fill your life!
17th : Jan : Now and then we must evaluate ourselves to become a better person!
18th Jan : Words of kindness and friendliness leads to progress!
(Especially when you are down, and truly need someone to cheer you up.)

19th Jan : Nth degree of desperation is equal to nth degree of achievement!

20th Jan : Try to be calm and quiet as many times as you can in a day or at least once in a day it will help you maintain your inner balance or resume your harmonious self!

21st Jan : Simple life leads to sublimity!
22nd Jan : Solitude is Bliss!
23rd Jan : A mantra gains power by chanting it devotedly, knowledgeably and repeatedly. Hence, any word can become a mantra especially when you keep repeating it or using is often in your life! . So be careful in what you say and always utter good or positive things!
24th Jan : All mistakes, problems and even addictions can be changed and solved in a fraction of a second just by REALIZING IT'S TRUE CAUSE AND COMMANDING YOUR MIND TO UP ROOT IT!
25th Jan : Be the person who can make others smile!
26th Jan : LOVE is so INTOXICATING!
27th : JAN : Tears are the Soul’s cleanser and purifier! Doesn't matter whether they are tears of joy or sorrow but tears are the true cleanser and purifier of the Soul! Massilla athmavai valarka kanneer udhavukiradhu!
28th Jan : Soul’s sole connection is The Supreme Power!
29th Jan : Find time to enjoy Nature : Looking at a blossom, Enjoying the sight of the bright blue sky, Appreciating the sparkling Sun, Watching the rainbow, Or watch it snow!
30th Jan : To receive is great, but to give is the greatest!
31st Jan : Listen to your inner self it is always right in telling you something. It hints and cautions you, good or bad, conveys a message to you!

1st Feb : Nature is the tonic to real health and happiness!

2nd Feb : Meditation provides answers to all our unanswered questions!

3rd Feb : Delve deep down within you to discover the rare gems in you!

4th Feb : Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing!

5th Feb : God is Permanent! He is always there waiting for you when you need him. Only we don’t have time for him. For we are drowned in this worldly things! Or caught in a mire of emotions and materialism. God is the only savior!

6th Feb : Learn to live not to exist, but make life interesting and worth living.

7th Feb : Freedom, it really feels very great to experience freedom after being chained with emotions! Emotions both of happiness and sorrow. Along with anxiety and worry. When we are bind by emotions we become so involved and crazy.

8th Feb : Channelize your tension, anger, or worry into doing something productive! Like cleaning the closet or all your clutters for it clears your discomfort and the delayed chores!

9th Feb : Look twice even thrice before you leap!

10th Feb : Anger is your first enemy, beware of it and tame that ferocious tiger in you!

11th Feb : Detachment should come from attachment and not from detaching oneself from the bitterness of life!

12th Feb : Value of a person should be valued by the simplicity of his nature and not by the material complexity!

13th Feb : Be nice to one and all, at the same time be aware of whether the person you treat good is worthy of it or not!

14th Feb : Love is in the air, love is everywhere, and love is always there, we need not exaggerate to make the best out of it only today! For it is a business- man’s motive to make money from your love for that special someone! Love needs only love and nothing in return!

15th Feb : To forgive and forget easily is a blessing for some people.
16th Feb : Relieve yourself from the routine rut of yours so as to re-energize!
17th Feb : Don't forcefully stop yourself from doing what your whispering voice said, for it will lead you to disharmony.

18th Feb : Be brisk and do not risk your presence of mind!

19th Feb : Speechless art thou when overwhelmed with emotions!

20th Feb : Parents' love makes them stronger than their poor health when their children are around! (So as to serve the later.)

21st Feb : Sometimes we are more closer to some people than we even think. Hence we are there to witness the soul leaving the earth.

22nd Feb : Rest in peace is after death, be at peace and rest your restless mind before death!

23rd Feb : Be straightforward for it's not that hard! But acting to be straightforward is really hard.

24th Feb : Enjoy the beautiful things that Nature gifts you with....especially the early morning fresh air and the dawning of the Sun. For it fills you with energy and enthusiasm!

25th Feb : Do nothing at times but eat and sleep for your body needs that nourishment and rest!
26th Feb : Beware of surprising others for surprises spring upon thee!

27th Feb : Hasty decisions lead you to no place!
28th Feb : At times too much is thrown into your life, that you are unable to utilize your best given opportunity!


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I appreciate the beautiful quotes.Well done!
Thanks for dropping by :)

Sumod/Retheesh said...
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Furquan Afridi said...

A very practical outlook towards life in most philosophical style...kudos!