March 2011

1. Conscious Revolution brings in Soul’s evolution!
2. Love is beyond boundaries!
3. As humans we can’t see fellow beings suffer. How can God see some people suffer? Is it because you need to burn your Karma good or bad? And do we know who we were in our previous birth and what we did so as to suffer in this birth. Isn’t it better if it all happens in this birth, right then and there, so everyone can become good or abide by the rules of goodness.
4. Self-knowledge and Self-realization is the true education.
5. Mind is corrupted with two many information. Ignorance is bliss!
6. Follow your mind and heart and do not get influenced by others opinion.
7. Misunderstandings occur easily whilst Truth is beyond belief!
8. Sound mind is a seed to awakening of sublimity.
9. Respect great people,great minds,and great works for they are greater than us!
10. Consolation or comfort reduces one’s grief. Do not hesitate to give it to fellow beings when needed.
11. Life is easy when you are simple and straightforward.
12. Good discussions lead to success in our life.
13. Do not imprison love, let it go free and it will come back to you surprisingly.
14. Fate is what you face, for you have brought it upon you!
15. Treat everyone equally, do not discriminate whatsoever!
16. Do your duty not for its sake but excel in it, though however mundane it could be!
17. God is the one and only person who understands you and is with you forever!
18. Don’t waste your time,effort, and thoughts on anyone except God!
19. Cleanse your mind by deleting the negative experiences in your life.
20. Lighten your heart by expressing your thoughts to the person who brought the burden into your being.
21.Rejuvenate thyself by being cool, calm and composed for at least once in a day.
22. Animals, plants and trees speak to you and understand you more than people do.
23. Bitter experiences in one’s life makes one a better person.
24. Blame not fate, but learn to fight it’s battle!
25. Passion less life is burden less life!
26. Dissolve the discrimination of pain and pleasure and become more neutral with all the opposites in life.
27.Hesitate not to do the right thing.
28. Only one way to salvation - speak to thy Saviour
29. Meditation is the true medicine for all kinds of maladies!
30.Overcome your difficulties by open arguments!
31.Free your path to succeed!

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An Excellent Blogpost Relevant to the Topic. It really generates a new thinking pattern in the viewers. Please pursue with your Blogging Activities.
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