Raising Children

Are we raising our children the right way? How could we prevent such tragic incidents in the future? Why these kinds of incidents happen? We are progressing in Science and technology, we are moving forward in knowledge and intelligence! But what is that we are neglecting? Its the Humanism, The true human qualities in us is going to zero! Humans are also called as “Social Animals”- so we are not harnessing the animal qualities in us!

First of all, all the adults in the society (Parents, teachers, professors, principals, business bosses, and officials) should take the responsibilities in their hands. Raising children is the toughest thing in the world! We should show the children the right way set ourselves as a good example or role models for them to follow. When we raise a good child, he becomes a good citizen, where he cares for others and protects the world around him and never thinks of destroying.

What are the things that augment the animal-ism in human beings - Tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, divorce, extra marital relationship, multiple marriages, neglected children all these habits reveal the animal-ism in human beings. So we should build a strong human world through self-discipline, nurturing the importance of good health with good habits. The root cause for all evil should be eradicated by taking the first and foremost step within us the adults. Slowly small misunderstandings lead to complicated situations among parents, we should never give way for even the slightest negative notion. We should monitor the behavior of our children and any changes need to be thought about and discussed.

As parents we should have healthy and good habits in the first place. Then as children grow we need to guide through school and in home about simple things in life! Its not too late for us to correct ourselves from any bad habits that we have. And the first step is to analyze, accept and rectify the problem or the bad habit in us. Simple truth to eradicate any single bad habit or problem is to tell our mind this is bad and not right or appropriate and we will not indulge or get involved in such habits. We are the boss of our mind but we never realize that and our mind takes over us.

We try to force certain things into ourselves and our children. For example we compare our children to study like the kids who excel academically and push them to do beyond their limit or thrust our goals and dreams in them. By doing so we pressurize them, and there starts the problem. The problem becomes very problematic when the comparison is with siblings. Whereas, we actually need to look deeper and try to understand the level of each or our child and his/her interests and encourage them accordingly. We need to guide them, explain the right choices and the pros and cons and support them, stand by them to grow stronger in their goals and ambitions. Every individual is unique and special, and are born to exhibit their originality. Let us lead them to their destination with real care, kindness and compassion. This kind of sincere devotion to the progression of our children will help them to become a well rounded human being. It will make them comfortable and adapt to any kind of environment in a smooth manner. And to truly become a good human being.

Children should also be taught the value and importance of money. Most of all how well they can use it for helping the people in need, instead of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Maybe videos shown with a person who helps others and some tragic incidents (Smoking, drinking and cancer) may leave a long lasting impression in their minds and help them to make the right choices in life.


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